Sunday, October 23, 2011

WIA Day 2

Okay, I'm late with this post. So sue me :) Actually, please don't.

One thing I'll mention for the class setups is that after the first day taking 4x 2hour classes, at the end of the day my brain was fried! Okay, maybe it was the 1 litre beers and the mental image of Tom Iovino (and others) dancing on the benches of the Hoffbrau House the night before. I think it would be better to spread out the learning over the 3 days. But that's my style.

The returning 2010 bloggers
I actually ended up only going to 1 class and I found it hard to focus. Instead, I spent a good deal of time in the marketplace (socializing and buying stuff) and at the Hand Tool Olympics (socializing and competing). What a great time! This has been what going to WIA has been all about for me. Without WIA, you could go an entire lifetime without meeting the other personalities that you read from day to day on your reader.

So, my priorities at 2011 WIA? Meeting the other personalities, then the marketplace, then the classes.

If the subject matter held in the classes were different, I might have put them higher on the list, and that might happen again next year anyway depending on the classes offered and if I can reign in my impulse to buy stuff!

That evening was filled with friendships, good food, and lots of alcohol. I admit, I probably went a little overboard myself even and I spent the next morning sitting on the hotel patio drinking gatorade. Ouch.

So to Popular Woodworking, thanks for putting on a great show and hope to see everyone again next year!

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