Saturday, October 1, 2011

WIA 2011 Arrival & day 1

I'm back!

So, where have I been? Sure it's been a while, life gets that way sometimes. I'll bore you with the details another time.

But it's the end of summer and that means it's time for Popular Woodworking Magazine's annual hand-tool enthusiast's convention Woodworking in America down in Covington KY.
Graham Blackburn "Handplanes for Joinery"

I heard about this event last year too late to be able to arrange to go and negotiated a weekend pass with my family to attend this year. Sweet!

Car pooling down with Ian and Adam took about 10 hours and it was a very entertaining ride. Arriving in KY around 5 pm yesterday, we almost immediately started running into all of the other internet personalities whom I never knew I'd really ever meet. Kari Hultman, Tom Iovino, Scott Morton, Rob Bois, Wilbur Pan and Aaron Marshall just to name a few.

That evening, I found out about a challenge that had been issued to all bloggers to put their money where there blogs were and participate in the Hand Tool Olympics in team format. I found myself partneted with Wilbur and Aaron (mentioned above).

After a good night's rest (I left the bar around 11), a day filled with seminars began. I found myself taking Graham Blackburn's classes on hand planes and their uses in joinery and how and how any plane should be usable on any piece of wood in any direction. He then demonstrated using a smoother on a beautiful piece of curly maple. Simply amazing. I also took my turn at the Olympics and it was great fun. I also managed to capture Kari and Emily (one of the Olympic facilitators) on video using the frame saw to cut what looked like a 10x10 beam. I'll post that one as soon as I can :)
Wilbur Pan cutting his tenon in the Hand Tool Olympics
The evening found a few of us at the Hoffbrau house which is a German themes brewhouse pub with a live polka band. Yes, a polka band. The upside was it wasn't hard to get in the spirit with 1 *liter drafts*!
Bois and Tom chatting over 1 L beers
Lively discussion at the Hoffbrau House (Steve - Aka Torch, Aaron Marshall and Kyle)
There's a reason I'm focusing more on the people. It's the real reason WIA is so successful. Sure, the seminars and marketplace are great, but without the opportunity to meet the people you have associated with, but have never actually met is simply amazing.

Tomorrow looks to be just as fun, I'll let you know how it goes.

Oh, if you are blogging about WIA, send me a link and I'll make a central post to all blogs featuring WIA posts at the end of next week. You can reach me on Twitter via dm.

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  1. Mike, I came home and hugged my band saw after using that frame saw at WIA!


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